Safety is our #1 priority!

David W. Wilson Manufacturing Ltd. in Cathcart, Ontario recently celebrated 6 years with no lost time. President Greg Gale and the rest of the staff put a high priority on the safety of all their employees.

Another safety milestone achieved, 6 years with no lost time accidents!!! We are proud of the commitment to safety that all of our employees have made, and continue to support!!

Think safe. Act safe. Be safe. Always.

David W. Wilson manufactures Custom Parts and Assemblies for a diversified group of clients which cover a wide range of applications including materials handling, refrigeration components, prototypes and more. Whether it is a Single Custom Part or a Large Quantity, David W. Wilson Manufacturing takes great pride in delivering top quality products on-time and within budget

David W. Wilson has proudly been a member of EMC Safety group for 10 years.